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Have fun under the sun as you choose your own water adventure. Whether you feel like soaking up the sun, swimming at the beach, enjoying the pool area, delighting in the great outdoors and the sandy beach, Aquaria offers a host of resort facilities, water activities and services to enjoy.

Welcome Center

The warm reception starts with the welcoming smiles of the staff and refreshing drinks from the resort—a promise of great things to come!

  • Welcome Center 1 - Facility
  • Welcome Center 2 - Facility
  • Welcome Center 3 - Facility

Bath Houses

Get the chance to get ready, change into your swimwear before jumping into the pool or swimming at the beach then comfortably come right back to this place to shower and refresh.

  • Bath Houses 1 - Facility
  • Bath Houses 2 - Facility
  • Bath Houses 3 - Facility

Kiddie Pool

Fun times with the little ones guaranteed! This 3-feet swimming area is designed for the kids to play around and have fun in the water safely.

  • Kiddie Pool 1 - Facility
  • Kiddie Pool 2 - Facility
  • Kiddie Pool 3 - Facility

Resort Pool

What’s an aqua park without all the bursts and splashes of water? The resort pool boasts of several areas where one can park themselves and swim to his heart’s content. From the kiddie pool to Cove Pools, Sunken Pool Bar and the Landing Pool of the three-story giant slide where the kids-at-heart frequently go to. Dare and swim in!

  • Resort Pool 1 - Facility
  • Resort Pool 2 - Facility
  • Resort Pool 3 - Facility

Beach and Cove Pool Cabanas

Have a relaxing break at the beach and cove pool cabanas. Escape the heat, savor the shade and the cool drinks while relishing the all-day-summer view.

  • Beach and Cove Pool Cabanas 1 - Facility
  • Beach and Cove Pool Cabanas 2 - Facility
  • Beach and Cove Pool Cabanas 3 - Facility

3-Storey Giant Slide

Feel the rush and pulse-pounding excitement with the 3-storey high giant slide as you land on a 6-feet deep pool! See, feel and hear the splash of happiness!

  • 3-Storey Giant Slide 1 - Facility
  • 3-Storey Giant Slide 2 - Facility
  • 3-Storey Giant Slide 3 - Facility